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Integrated Engineers and Contractors was formed in 1994, as a Pneumatic Equipment Trading and Servicing Company.
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IEC Air/Water-Cooled Hermetic Chillers is manufactured with sturdy and reliable hermetic compressors from Copeland.
Refrigerated Type Air Dryer
Cooling is the simplest and most positive way of removing moisture from compressed air. A Refrigerated Dryer has close-loop Freon circuit in which compressed fluid is chilled to a controlled temperature and so condensed moisture is separated out. TO prevent freezing of condensed moisture on the refrigerant coils, Air/Gas can be chilled to a minimum temperature of 2-3oC approx i.e. the dew point of dried fluid at operating pressure 7 kgf/Cm2 g is (+) 2oC and its corresponding atmospheric dew point would be (-) 22oC (approx). These dryers are suitable for the applications where the maximum dew point of (-) 20 to (-) 22oC (Atm.) is normally acceptable.