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Integrated Engineers and Contractors was formed in 1994, as a Pneumatic Equipment Trading and Servicing Company.
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IEC Air/Water-Cooled Hermetic Chillers is manufactured with sturdy and reliable hermetic compressors from Copeland.
Heatless Adsorption Type Air Dryer
Heatless type Dryer takes advantage of the natural phenomenon of desiccant to establish equilibrium with their surrondings. In this type, wet Air (fluid) is cycled automatically between two desiccant towers, one adsorbing the moisture from the wet fluid, while the other being regenerated. The wet fluid enters one tower, passes through the desiccant bed where the saturated moisture is absorbed. A small portion of the dried air at ambient temperature and pressure is passed through the desiccant bed in the second tower for regeneration. At present interval, the towers changeover automatically and the cycle continues giving out a regular supply of super dry air having dew points up to (-) 70oC(Atm.)

Other Type of Absorption Dryers available are:
  • Embedded Internal Heat Adsorption Dryer.
  • Blower Heat Regenerated No Loss Adsorption Dryer.
  • Split Flow No Loss Adsorption Type Dryer.
  • Heat of Compression No Loss Absorption Dryer.